, 5 Creative Themes for Corporate Events

5 Creative Themes for Corporate Events

Let me share a story that consists of 12 interesting episodes. Each would depict scenarios where at the end of the day, a lesson will be learned on each series. So here’s how the story starts…

The first event we ever produced with the company I created after leaving Walt Disney World was a Monti Carlo themed event at what was at the time called the Dutch Inn in Lake Buena Vista Florida. When we sold the event I asked one of my partners Reid Carlson (probably one of the most creative designers I have ever worked with) to design the event which he did beautifully. During the design process, we made sure that we kept our attorneys in the loop to ensure that we didn’t violate Florida’s procession of gaming equipment laws. We showed them the designs and fabrication plans and were given an opinion that our tables and fields would not be considered as realistic gaming equipment. With that assurance, we fabricated the sets, props, tables, staging, and entertainment for the event and produced the event for the client in 1974.

The event was highly successful, so much so that over time we built several different versions of the event. One of the most successful was “The Speakeasy”. What we did was create an event in our warehouse which was an old citrus packing house on Apopka Vineland Road in Orlando. The building was built back in the late ’40s and had an incredible atmosphere that was perfect for a speakeasy-style of an event. What we would do was load all the guests on buses at the hotel and then take them on a backroad to our warehouse.

Lesson Learned

Anyone can host an event. You don’t want to create just any old event, though. You want a corporate event that people will not only enjoy but remember as well. There’s a lot that goes into creating a memorable experience. One way to help pull off an unforgettable event is by having a unique, fun theme. Here are 5 creative corporate theme ideas to consider for your next corporate event.

Spring Has Sprung

Nothing says “fresh start” quite like springtime. At the close of your first quarter, you can “spring” right into the second one with this vibrant theme. There are many places where a springtime event can be held, such as outdoor space or a botanical garden. You may even choose to host the event on a patio, giving guests the option to go inside. Decorations can include gorgeous topiaries and flowers. A pastel palate can also help to tie the theme together. Include games often played outdoors in, such as bocce ball and a bean bag toss (or corn hole).


You probably have at least a few employees that come from all different parts of the country. This means that most probably have a home team of some sort that they root for, whether it’s baseball, football, or a hockey. Major sporting events such as the Super Bowl or the World Series offer great opportunities to bring people together. Have employees wear their team colors or jerseys and watch the game together. Serve traditional game day foods and decorate in the colors of the teams playing. Or, you can get out of the office and bring your employees to a live game, giving them a chance to bond.

Throwback to a Previous Decade

Decade events offer plenty of opportunities for creative event ideas. There are plenty of decades to choose from, each with their own unique traits. For instance, you can throw a Great Gatsby party to celebrate the roaring 20s. Soda shop décor and jukeboxes can be used for a 50s throwback. The 70s can be celebrated with a disco event. Make sure that your décor and your music matches the decade you choose to use for your event.

Popular Movies or TV Shows

Everyone has their favorite movies and television shows. Some are incredibly well known and can be used to create an incredibly unique corporate event. Choose a popular movie or television program, such as Harry Potter, Titanic, Cheers, or Mad Men. You might even choose a post-apocalyptic theme based on a popular zombie movie or TV show. Decorations for these types of events can help to transport your attendees into an alternate reality.

Carnival Day

Who doesn’t love a carnival? They’re filled with all kinds of fun activities and delicious foods. Lots of lights and circus tent inspired décor can help to create the atmosphere while you wow everyone at your event with classic carnival games, balloon animals, a fortune teller, and so much more.

These are just a few corporate theme ideas for your next event. Getting creative makes the process of planning your event more fun. It also helps to ensure that your attendees have an incredible time that they won’t soon forget. At Raymond Ramsay and Associates, Inc., we can help you to make all of this possible. Give us a call today for more information!


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