, 7 Fun Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

7 Fun Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

The gaming theme, however, remained very popular and we created several variations on the gaming theme. Another variation of the gaming theme we created was based on all the old “Flash Gordon” serials from the late ’40s and earlier ’50s. We designed the tables, staging and F&B stations with an art deco feeling depicted in the serials. We then created these special screen facades placed about the room showing old “Flash Gordon” serials. We dealers and entertainment all sported bizarre hairstyles and in tin foil costumes. We also fabricated a spaceship-style from the film for the bars and food service stations. We developed this theme for older groups who would remember the Flash Gordon series.

One of my most popular variations was the “Cosmic Casino”. I have to admit I kind of came up with this theme after watching one of the Star Trek movies in which they beamed everybody down onto a planet that had this huge casino on it. I just took the idea from the movie and fabricated my own version of it. We created a spectacular event entrance to the party that gave the guest a sense they were jumping into Cyber Space to materialize into the casino with the place jumping with activities. I had built lighting structures throughout the room to highlight various gaming areas and staging that would give anything you see today a run for its money. Another variation of the gaming theme that was popular was our “Colorado Gold Rush Casino”. We had a lot of fun with this one with Mechanical Bulls, Lasso Completions, Incredible Photo Opts and great entertainment. Everything was themed western especially the food and beverage and personnel…

Lesson Learned:

It’s always better to be safe of what you’re putting out on your events. It is better to be safe rather be sorry.

Corporate events are a great way to bring people together. With these kinds of events, you can thank your clients or show appreciation for your employees. You can introduce a brand-new product or let the community know what you’re all about. Hosting an event is all well and good, but you want your attendees to have a good time and remember it. One way to do this is by planning fun activities for your event. Here are 7 corporate event ideas to consider.


Quizzes are great corporate event activities because they’re incredibly customizable. This means that they can easily be adapted to meet the theme and goals of your particular event. Additionally, they’re fairly easy because you can get your attendees involved without them needing to move their seats.


Contests are a great way to promote some friendly competition during your event. There are also plenty of different types of contests you can host, such as scavenger hunts, a caption contest, or even a physical challenge. People can compete as individuals, or you can encourage team building by dividing attendees into groups. Weave your contest into the theme of your event for a greater impact.

Cook-Off Challenge

A cookout is a great way to bring employees together and show your appreciation for them. A cook-off challenge is a great way to turn an ordinary event into a fun time. Split your employees into different groups and assign roles for each individual. You can add to the challenge by setting specific rules for each team.

Improvisational Games

Improvisational games are an excellent way to have fun while expressing creativity. There are many different types of games that allow your event attendees to stretch their creative wings and experiment with their ideas. Everyone performs without having a script and without any prior preparation. You might find that some attendees are a bit shy at first, but just about everyone should open up in no time.

Social Photo Booths

Photo booth selfies have been around for decades. Selfies are especially popular today. People enjoy snapping selfies at different events and posting what they’re doing on their social media accounts. Set up a photo booth station at your event and deck it out with a backdrop and props relevant to the theme of your event. People can then take still images, videos, and GIFs that they can then share on Facebook, Instagram, and other social accounts. Not only is this fun for your attendees, but it’s also a great way to promote your company and get your name out there.

Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Why go with traditional catering when you can make your food and beverage stations interactive? There are all kinds of ways that you can do this such as a live stir-fry station, a wall of donuts, a pretzel bar, a nacho or taco bar, or customizable champagne cocktails. In addition to feeding your attendees, you’ll also wow them and encourage interaction between them.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are extremely popular these days. They offer people a different way to experience things. For many, VR and AR allow for experiencing an activity they might never otherwise do, such as sky diving. You can use these technologies at your event to give your attendees a truly unforgettable experience.

There are all kinds of creative corporate event ideas out there. When planning activities for your next corporate event, it’s important to consider the people who will be attending. This will allow you to incorporate activities that your attendees are sure to love. And, if you need help in planning your next event, we can help. Contact Raymond Ramsay and Associates, Inc. today!

Note: I have full descriptions of all of the gaming events that are mentioned on this 12 part series and would be happy to share them should anyone out there be interested in obtaining a download of the original proposal.


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