, Benefits of an Event Planning Company for Your Corporate Event

Benefits of an Event Planning Company for Your Corporate Event

An event planning company can save you time and money to say the least. From where I left off from the last episode. it took almost a year and a half for our appeal to make all the way up to Florida Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Judges overturned our convictions and deemed our equipment to not violate Florida Gambling Equipment laws as there was no evidence that the equipment had never been used for gambling. The lead judge made a statement that I have never forgotten He said Just because you think it looks like a duck it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a duck.

This was a very expensive endeavor for us to clear our names and retrieve our equipment and move forward with creating variations of the Vegas-style events for us and everyone else offering this type of events within Florida. Fortunately, I had three other gaming shows positioned well outside Orange County so we were able to live up to previous commitments and other clients outside Orange County as well as generate some revenue to help offset our legal costs and damages to our truck and equipment when it sat in the police compound for almost two years. We had to replace the truck tires, engine (was frozen up) as well the paint job on the truck.

Find the Benefits of an Event Planning Company for Your Corporate Event

As a continuation of the lesson from the 9th episode, it is beneficial to have an events planning company to help you. If you’re the events planning company, you have the edge of pulling yourselves off the ground and back to the limelight.

Corporate events are a great way to show appreciation for your employees, thank your clients, or launch a brand-new product. Or even get you back to your feet. However, planning an event can be a big undertaking. You’re probably quite busy taking care of your daily tasks at your company. Having to plan an incredible event on top of these tasks might be a bit much. The great news is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of event planning companies out there who can help you to bring your event ideas to life. Here are 5 benefits of hiring an event planning company for your next corporate event.

Keeping You on Budget

Your budget is an essential part of planning your event. You have a set amount of money for your event, and going over that amount can spell trouble. When you have an event planning company working with you to create your corporate event, they can help you to stick to your budget. In many cases, they may actually even be able to help you save money.


Event planning companies work on several different types of events every year. Working on different types of events helps to give them the experience necessary to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. In the event that a problem does occur, they have the experience necessary to deal with it.

Negotiation Skills

With experience, event planning companies gain valuable connections with suppliers and vendors that you might have never known about. With these connections, planners can often get lower rates. They also have the skills necessary to negotiate contracts with other vendors and suppliers who they might not already have connections with. Again, these negotiation skills can come in handy for getting you the best deals.

Helping You to Choose the Right Theme

Themes are an incredibly important component in planning a successful event. The right themes for business events set the tone of the affair and tie the whole event together. It creates excitement for the event long before it takes place. The theme should be relevant to the purpose of your event though. While there are plenty of unique corporate event ideas out there, you might not know what to choose. An event planning company can help you to choose the right theme for your specific event, helping to ensure the event’s success.

Save Time and Prevent Stress

You already have a lot on your plate. Having to plan a major corporate event takes time, and it can add a significant amount of undue stress. You don’t have to worry about taking the time to search out venues and vendors. You don’t have to deal with the logistics. Instead, you can focus on your important daily tasks while the event planner takes care of the event details.

Event planning companies can help you to turn your event vision into a reality, all while helping you to within your budget. The right company can handle all of the details, allowing you to remain focused on your company and the important tasks you have to take care of. Raymond Ramsay and Associates, Inc. has decades of experience helping you to bring your corporate events to life. We have built numerous corporate themed events, including many for the Marriott Marque Hotels and Resorts. For more information, and to find out how we can help you, contact us today!


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