Team Building Activity

Logic And Logistics of a Team Building Activity

Big plans need even larger locations to house a team building activity and that we never more apparent than when we were trying to finalize the logistics of our patriotic attempt at smashing three world records at once.

The biggest challenge was going to be finding a venue large enough to house all three record attempts simultaneously. The team building activity and retreat were due to take place in Waikoloa Village and luckily we found the Waikoloa Bowl at Queen Gardens which had more than enough square footage and was a mere 15-minute drive from the resort where the attendees would be staying. We contacted them about the plan and double checked the dimensions of the facility and the ease of access, everything checked out and they even offered us a very reasonable rate of the hire due to the charitable nature of the event. We were assigned a logistics coordinator Margo who proved to be absolutely invaluable in helping us set everything up, her expertise and knowledge of the venue were absolutely essential at every stage going forward.

There were challenges to overcome, as there always are, but we did so. There was an issue with the wind coming across the island and hitting the bowl, which meant we had to rethink the fastenings and design of the flag. We also had a big issue figuring out the best way to transport all of our participants to the bowl in an efficient and timely manner once the attempt had begun. Addressing these problems before they arose is why we were able to achieve what we did and having a team with the foresight to raise these issues is essential.

On the morning of the team building activity, we created sections for the participants with towels all color coordinated and laid out ready. We had staff on site ready to give instructions and to distribute as necessary. Once the clock started we opened up the bowl space which had been fenced off and secured as the Guinness World Record adjudicator had instructed. We had officials placed counting the participants as they arrived and our camera equipment with its beautifully high vantage point was rolling. Once the official count had been confirmed we began with the world’s longest towel chain and then went straight into the world’s longest high five with the adjudicators walking up and down the line ensuring it was being done correctly. After this was the main event and the completion of the world’s largest towel mosaic; our design being particularly patriotic. It was organized chaos as hundreds of participants with predetermined towels hit their designated spots to complete the 26,389 square foot American Flag.

We finished with 6 minutes to spare and were incredibly lucky as it started to pour with rain 1 minute after that. It had been forecast and so it was only our hopes and prayers that had kept it at bay. We packed up as quickly as possible and then began transporting the triumphant attendees back to the closing session with handpicked keynote speaker and a special performance by Lee Greenwood.

When it’s listed out like that in a short paragraph it seems so easy and likes it went off almost hitch-free, which it did. But this is down to meticulous, rigorous planning of the team building activity. We predicted the worst at every step of the journey in order to plan to make it the best. Yet even we couldn’t have fixed the weather, sometimes you still need a little luck, but for everything else you need to hit the boardroom.



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