Building an effective team

One for All and All for One: The Importance of Building a Team

Great feats can be accomplished by individuals who suddenly band together and put their talents on display, but truly exceptional and extraordinary things can happen if that team is carefully crafted. The importance of team building cannot be overstated – it is absolutely critical to outstanding output. I wanted to take some time here to touch on the subject and bring out a few critical points to attention.

Building an Effective Team

In the nineties, my team and I were deep in the middle of a significant contract with the Marriott Company, creating events for all their Marriott Marquis properties which were opening across the country rather quickly. To stay on top of the action, I had to be sure that my team, which had been with me for some time, was prepared for the task and for the likeliness that we would be working with several other individuals involved in the massive project.

Building Morale

The first thing that comes to mind when building a capable team is high morale. You’ve got the talent, the reliability, and the attention of your team, but did you motivate them? Do you inspire them to go above and beyond? That is where morale comes in. Letting your team know how important a task stands to be, giving them a little background on how it all came to be, and pointing out the benefits to be reaped can help light the fire that will see everyone through.

Delegating and Following Up Individually

A team is a unit, yes, but that team only exists because of each person that forms a part of it. When it comes to delegating tasks and following up, you will want to put a focus on the individual. Addressing the individual will create accountability and strengthen the person. If each person in the team feels like you know them, care for them, and respect them individually, then the team flourishes.

Enjoy the Rewards and Defeats Together

I think that this cannot be stressed enough. When the contract with Marriott ended almost five years after the first event, the team and I were somewhat bummed out but happy to have had the experience. That contract saw us work alongside catering directors and sales marketing specialists to create memorable events that would stay with everyone for years. The team and I shared this bittersweet moment and became better for it. Remember to take everything in as a team.

Learn and Adapt

Now that you have some tips for building a formidable team, all that is left to do is learn and adapt. Changes to personnel will come, as will changes in the industry; you and your team need to be ready for them. Building an effective team takes time and patience, but if you put your mind to it, you will find that powerful allies are what success is all about.

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