, Team Building Event Ideas for Large Groups

Team Building Event Ideas for Large Groups

Team building event ideas have a particular way of working out. One of the pluses that came out of the ordeal was I needed to come up with something truly different that would re-invent the gaming party experience. My first idea was re-invent a series of board games that would provide a gaming experience but with different kinds of games.

My first attempt was to create the World’s Largest Monopoly Board with the properties along the walls of the ballroom at a 45-degree tilt. Each property flat was 12’ high and 6 and a half foot wide. Then based on the client we would name each card after a client product or service. Each card would have the same color scheme as a regular Monopoly board Game. For example, there would have 3 cards with yellow bands at the top, 3 cards with blue strips. The property cards all look like regular monopoly cards just with client product names. We then dressed all the food & beverage stations to look like community chest and chance stations. We also created bar stations in the shapes of board movement symbols i.e. Thimble Racehorse and other game pieces. The entrance to the event was larger than life duplication of the boards “Go Station” where the guests would enter the event. We also created Get of Jail Section. Now for the games. We would set up a series of 21 tables and used custom imprinted monopoly cards with a numerical value attributed to them.   Then we would set up poker stations where we would use custom imprinted monopoly cards. The guest would have to get 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind with railroads a full house would be 3 of one product or service and two of another. We would allow the utility cards as wild cards. We also created a 7 card stud game. We did a Wheel of Fortune with custom slots with the jackpot being the wheel landing on Park Place or client product,

We then had a roulette table customized with client copy and crap tables with custom dice requiring you to get two of the same symbols to win. We also created custom imprinted play money.

Getting Team Building Ideas to Work for Large Groups

A Team building event is an incredibly important component of creating a harmonious, successful work environment. When your employees are able to work together, they are more efficient and productive. They’re happier and less stressed. Happy employees work hard and enjoy coming to work. However, if you have a larger group of employees, coming up with team building ideas can be a bit more challenging. Here are a few team-building exercises for large groups to help foster camaraderie between your employees.

Attend a Sporting Event

This team building activity might not seem all that original, but it can be quite effective, and it’s easy to do with larger groups. There’s great value in getting your employees out of the office for a day to cheer for the local sports team, whether it’s a minor league baseball team or an NFL team. Your team can relax, have fun, and enjoy some stadium food while fostering a sense of togetherness.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to get out of the office, explore your city or town, and get your employees working together. You can organize the scavenger hunt on your own, or there are apps available now that can help you to put one together. Even if your employees think they know the area pretty well, there’s a good chance they’ll see something they’ve never seen before (it’s also a great way for newer employees to get to know the area). Encourage the teams to take photos at each location on the scavenger hunt. These photos can then be used to create a fun slideshow.

Office Trivia

Trivia isn’t just for bars. An office trivia event is a great way to bring together a large group of individuals and challenge them in ways that don’t necessarily relate to the tasks they perform every day. Brainstorm a few different categories and come up with a series of related questions. Categories can be related to work, or they can be completely unrelated (music, movies, local places, etc.). Break up your employees into groups and have prizes for the winners. If you’re not able to come up with your own trivia questions, there are plenty of trivia organizations that can host the event for you.

Sneak a Peek

Sneak a Peek is a hybrid of Pictionary and a memory game. Break your employees into groups and assign (or let them assign) a leader. Each team should have something to build with, such as building blocks or clay. The leader creates an object. One member of the group then gets a 10 second peek at the object and relays the information to the rest of the team to recreate it. After a minute, if the object isn’t recreated, another team member gets another 10 seconds to peek and tries to explain the object for everyone else to recreate. This continues until the team is sure that they’ve recreated the original object. This creative team building exercise helps to foster project management. It’s also fun to see how good everyone’s memory is.

What’s My Name?

With this team building exercise, everyone gets a card with the name of a famous person, either dead or alive, and has to display the card where others can see it but they can’t. Employees are then encouraged to mingle with one another and speak to each other as if they were speaking to the person displayed on the card. Employees can also ask questions about their unknown identity in order to guess who they’re supposed to be. This game is great for large groups and also aids in promoting empathy, which is essential for a happy, healthy work environment.

Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower

The premise of this team builder is fairly simple. Each team is given the same materials, dry spaghetti noodles, strong tape, and a marshmallow. The object is to see which team can build the tallest tower. It has to be able to stand on its own for at least 5 seconds and the marshmallow must be placed at the very top.

Even large groups of employees can benefit from corporate team building events. With the right type of team building exercises, you can foster a sense of camaraderie amongst your employees and create a positive, productive workplace. If you need help planning your next team building event, we can help. Contact Raymond Ramsay and Associates, Inc. today.



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    Large groups can be a hustle when thinking of team building activities. This post gave me an idea and it’s worth trying it out. Awesome post! Keep it Coming!

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    Board Game Tournament can be a fun activity for large groups. Team building can either make or break the group so better plan wisely. Thanks for the interesting post!

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    Karaoke Night would be fun. Add this to your post. I had a great experience doing Karaoke Night with a large group for team building. Your post is great by the way!

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