, The Importance of a Theme for a Corporate Event

The Importance of a Theme for a Corporate Event

Even jail time shouldn’t stop you from knowing the importance of a theme for a corporate event. The marketing campaign was pretty successful. One thing I did was go to an attraction called “Stars Hall Fame” that had a prison cell that was part of the display and had a photo taken of me being in jail. As well as many other ads and statements to local news outlets.

It took about 6 months for Mike & me to come to the trial and as part of our defense strategy, I went to Las Vegas and acquired professional gaming table fields. This is to show that the fields of our tables were not professional fields and could not be considered as realistic gaming field which I did.

When the trial began, the Judge instructed the jury that we could only present evidence that would prove I did not own the seized equipment, which made our defense virtually impossible. I soldiered on trying to prove that the equipment was not gambling equipment. I showed the fields I had brought in from Vegas but was shut down. Then the State presented two undercover police officers who claimed that they had met with me in my office (turns out it was the two guys that meet with me saying they were from the Sportsman’s Club) and that I had told them they could rent my equipment and that they could use their personnel for their event. In other words, they just plain lied. My attorney asked if they had taped the encounter, and they said they hadn’t. So we couldn’t prove that they were lying, which they were.

What is the Importance of a Theme for a Corporate Event?

There are always better ways of setting up a themed event. Getting in the way of the law makes a big inconvenience. Making such inconvenience would cost you, clients. Your time is as important as setting up events. There are many reasons to host a corporate event. Common reasons include networking, rewarding employees, thanking clients or customers, or introducing a new product. No matter what type of event you’re planning, you want it to be both successful and memorable. Believe it or not, one of the most important ways to create a successful event is with a well-chosen theme. Here are a few of the reasons why creative event themes are so important.

Create Buzz

If you’ve ever been to a theme party before, you know just how much excitement they can create before the party even begins. This is no different with themes for corporate events. It’s not just choosing any theme, though. Choosing a fun theme that resonates with the attendees will help you to generate buzz about the event well in advance, and get your attendees excited for it. A quick internet search can provide you with several corporate event theme ideas that can provide you with the inspiration you need for your event.

Set the Tone

Your theme sets the tone for your event. It can help to create a serious atmosphere, or it can help to create an atmosphere that is more fun and playful. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish with your event. This can help you to determine what type of theme would be appropriate to incorporate. When your theme and your event are connected, they set the right tone for your event, tie the whole event together, and create an incredible, memorable experience.

Provide Focus

A theme does so much more than set the tone of your corporate event. It also helps your attendees understand what the point of your event is. The theme you choose should play a significant role in just about every component of your event space. It should be evident in your décor, the graphics you choose, even the food and beverages you serve. This aids in providing them with a constant reminder and helps to keep them focused.

A theme doesn’t just provide the focus for your attendees, it also helps to provide the focus for any guest speakers or other presenters that you may invite to your event. Your theme helps them to understand your audience so that they can tailor their presentations to meet their specific needs.

Promote Sharing on Social Media

We live in a world where people snap pictures and share their lives on social media. A well-executed theme can give your attendees the desire to snap photos of their time there. In many cases, these attendees will then share those pictures on their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. You can even help to encourage social sharing by adding a photo booth, complete with a backdrop and props that are relevant to your theme.

If you’re in the process of creating a corporate event for your company, don’t underestimate the power of a theme. A creative event theme helps to tie your whole event together and it creates an experience that your attendees are sure to remember for a long time to come. At Raymond Ramsay and Associates, Inc., we can help you to bring your theme to life. For more information, give us a call today.


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