, Tips for Choosing an Unforgettable Theme for Your Corporate Event

Tips for Choosing an Unforgettable Theme for Your Corporate Event

Now to the real point of this blog. Toward the end of 1977 (I think) there was a push in Miami to legalize gambling in Dade County Florida. This push was well funded but had some strong critics. Walt Disney World and the State of Florida under then Governor Reubin Askew among them. To discourage this movement the Governor of Florida issued a quite edict to clamp down on any form of what the state considered to be a violation of the states existing gambling laws one of which was the possession of gambling equipment by any individual or group of individuals. We were not worried as we didn’t believe that we owned legitimately considered gambling equipment. At the time we had over 4 units of this event that we would truck around the state.

We had been advised by our attorneys that any gaming event could not offer any kind compensation for their skills at playing the games as that would violate Florida Gaming laws.

So what we would do was advice our clients of this and suggest that no prizes be given during the event. We always would use customized play money with pictures of client’s executives on them. To comply with the law we always tried to just raid the event at the end of the event. As time went by for those clients that wanted to have prizes we would have stations where they could cash in the play money for tickets. Normally it would be a ticket for every $5,000.00 in play money which we would place in a tumbler. To make sure that everyone had an opportunely to win something we gave everyone 5 tickets when they entered the room.

Lesson Learned:

The importance of a theme is often overlooked. When it comes to planning a corporate event, no matter if it’s a fundraiser, a team building event, or an event to thank your customers, the theme and the rules around it are the glue that holds the whole event together. It brings focus to the event. The right theme even has the power to generate excitement before the event begins. But you don’t want just any old theme. A boring theme, or the wrong type of theme for your event. You want to make sure that your attendees remember your event. Here are a few tips for choosing an unforgettable theme for your next corporate event.

Determine the Purpose of Your Event

One of the first things that you should do when considering corporate event theme ideas is to determine what the actual purpose of your event is. Are you celebrating your employees or gathering them together for team building? Are you thanking your loyal clients? Maybe you’re launching a new product or trying to gain new prospects? Or perhaps you’re hosting a big fundraiser? Your theme will help to set the tone for your event. For instance, you may want your fundraiser to be formal while a team building event may be more laid back. The theme and the type of event should match up with one another.

Think About the Attendees

Who are the attendees for your event? Are you inviting clients? Clients and prospective clients? Employees or employees and their families? Think about the age range of those who will be in attendance. Themes that might work well for your employees might not work so well for clients or prospects. Themes for adults might not be as great if you’re inviting families. You want to make sure that the theme will resonate with everyone in attendance.

Try a Tagline

A tagline can be quite helpful for coming up with a theme. This is a single statement that says what your event is all about. You don’t necessarily have to use the tagline for your event, but it can help you maintain focus while you plan.

Look Online for Inspiration

The internet is full of ideas. A quick search can provide you with hundreds of images for corporate themed events and creative event ideas. You can find some of the most popular ideas and also find what ideas haven’t worked so well.

Have a Brainstorming Session

Create a committee to brainstorm corporate event theme ideas. Several minds are better than one. Gather a group of people together in a comfortable, open-minded environment. Provides some information about the event and let the ideas flow. Encourage everyone to share their thoughts. An ice breaker activity might even be helpful to make everyone feel more comfortable about sharing.

A great corporate themed event is sure to be remembered for a long time to come. Once you have a theme, it’s important that you incorporate it into every component of your event. It should be evident in the décor, the food and beverages, the music, and even in the dress code. If you need help planning your next corporate event and bringing your theme to life, Raymond Ramsay and Associates, Inc. can help. We have experience creating all kinds of themed experiences for corporate events. Give us a call today for more information!


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