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Working Toward Success: Four Team Collaboration Exercises You Need to Know About

As a team, you will face various challenges in the corporate world, and you have got to know how to take them head-on as they arrive. Team collaboration exercises are a great way to amplify the skills of your team so that they are prepared for anything. In this post, I will talk about four team exercises that are sure to make a noticeable impact on your team and yourself.

  1. Worst Case Scenario

The “worst case scenario” team exercise is a tried and true one because it happens, well, everywhere! Throughout the decades I have met with countless catering directors and companies who have changed my budget last minute or have tweaked concept ideas in the final hour, and this requires some quick thinking. By asking your team to solve a hypothetical situation together as quickly as possible, you are preparing them for adversity, and they will thank you for it when the time comes.

  1. Solve the Mystery

Remember the days of playing Clue? If you do, then you remember how fun it was to try and guess who had committed the murder and how working as a team felt rewarding. You can research a few great mystery games or create your own; it is entirely up to you. Everyone loves a good mystery, and your team is no different – so put them to the task and watch them come together to achieve a common goal. In the end, you can discuss with them how they arrived at their conclusions, who stood out, or who lead the way. Discoveries abound in this exercise.

  1. Writing down Expectations

As far as team collaboration exercises are concerned, this one is rather simple, but it is useful as can be. Hand your team blank pieces of paper and have them write down their expectations, but not their name. Once you have collected the documents, place the subjects on a whiteboard and talk them over with the team. Let them work together, discussing the themes and not the people who wrote them. You may be surprised to see how many of them have common goals.

  1. The Humpty Dumpty

This exercise is another one from the old school of team building, and it works wonders. Supply your team with the materials necessary to create a suitable package for an egg to survive a decent fall. Do not tell them how to do it or what materials will do the job – that is for them to figure out. Those not covered in the egg when everything is set and done will have shown you what great teamwork can accomplish.

Two Minds Are Better than One

These are only a few team collaboration exercises that can take your team and your business to the next level. Don’t let anything catch you and your team by surprise. The business world and, in particular, the creative event theming industry can be quite volatile, so fasten your seatbelts!

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